5 Fun Activities For You And Your Dog This Winter

If your dog seems to have the case of the winter blues, it’s time to start having some fun! Don’t let the snow and the shortened daylight hours prevent your dog from getting plenty of exercise and using pent-up energy. Pooch Care Plus, the pet care experts in Camden County, NJ, has created a list of enjoyable winter activities for your four-legged companion.

Work on Obedience Training

Since you’re already spending a lot of time inside, this is the perfect opportunity to work on obedience training. Old dogs can indeed learn new tricks, and I’m sure your pooch will love the attention from you. By the end of the day, you may have a much better behaved, and tired-out dog.

Set Up a Doggie Play Date

Another great indoor idea is to introduce your furry friend to new people or new dogs. For this cold weather activity, choose either a new person or a familiar person with a new dog to introduce. Never both at once, as it could cause stress. If you don’t know anyone new, call up your dog’s favorite buddy and have them come over for a day of fetch and tug of war.

Create an Indoor Agility Course

This activity is fun for both you and your dog. Set up chairs, blankets, hula hoops. and other items found around your home to make the course. Then use hand-targeting or treats to lead your dog through the obstacles. It’s fun, keeps your pup physically active. and best of all—keeps you both warm!

Kick Back and Relax

For a more calming alternative, snuggle up on the couch or in bed and catch up on some Netflix together. Whatever you choose, your dog will appreciate your attention, and soak up every minute you spend together.

Get Him or Her Groomed

Take advantage of the fact that your dog has to be inside anyway by scheduling an appointment to have him or her groomed. They’ll get a nice warm bath, their coat brushed, nails trimmed, and teeth cleaned – all things which need to be done anyway, but this is an excellent opportunity to work on teaching your dog to be comfortable with their groomer.

We hope you and your furry companion enjoy some of these exciting activities this winter. If you’re thinking of getting your dog groomed, Pooch Care Plus has been providing quality dog grooming in Camden County for over 20 years. Browse our website or call 856-433-1956 to schedule your next grooming appointment.

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