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Waste Removal

With life being so hectic, it’s easy to overlook many important details around your home. Sometimes the little things in life can ‘pile’ up, becoming a regular hassle. One example of this that dog lovers can relate to is waste removal. Your pooch likely takes a few bathroom walks a day, which leads to a stinky situation that’s prone to attracting bugs and deterring visitors. Don’t worry! Pooch Care Plus takes care of the dirty work so you don’t have to. Spend your summers on the beach and your winter on the slopes while we clean up the mess left by your furry friends.


dog-leashWe offer weekly and bi-weekly clean-ups which are perfect for busy folks of all lifestyles. This service can be added to your dog walking service so you can rest assure that your front yard is as happy and healthy as your canine companion. After all, your dog deserves fresh air and so do your neighbors! Pooch Care Plus does it all. We arrive at the home with new sanitary bags and dispose of all of your pooch’s waste in quick and clean manner.


Pooch Care Plus is fully insured and bonded, so pet owners can have peace of mind that professionals are following the highest standards when it comes to sanitation. To provide maximum efficiency, we will coordinate with your schedule to have everything thrown away as close to the trash truck’s arrival as possible. Our waste removal offering is just as critical as our dog walking and grooming, and we treat every client’s dog as if it were our very own pooch.


Pooch Care Plus’ Waste Removal Services:  Quick. Clean. Convenient. Comprehensive.shutterstock_148172258

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