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Emergency Services

Chihuahua dressed like a nurse with a first aid kit

For those who suddenly have to go out of town and are in a jam, special rates will apply. Also for those who have pets who get sick and the owner can not get their pet to the vet, I will handle transportation for them, they will have to cover the cost of vet transportation.

If you are out of town, and your pet needs to visit the vet, we can help. Pooch Care Plus offers emergency services to give you peace of mind that your animal will be cared for in time-sensitive situations.

Some examples of pet emergency services include:

  • You have an urgent business trip and you need somebody to watch your dog last minute.
  • Your pet becomes ill and needs to be taken to the veterinarian immediately.
  • You are not able to return from your vacation on time and need to extend your pet’s care.
  • Your usual pet sitter canceled the day before your weekend trip, and you need to find a quick, reliable sitter.

Safety is paramount.We put your animal’s well being first. Actively supervising your dogs and cats will proactively prevent mishaps around the house with electrical appliances, sharp edges, and toxic items that should not be consumed. In a worst case scenario, we have the professional experience to transport your furry family member to the nearest vet to receive treatment.

We treat your animal(s) with the same love that they are used to. This includes regular feedings, walks, entertainment, and waste removal. Although they may miss you while you are gone, they will be glad to have a Pooch Care Plus expert keeping them company in the event of an emergency. Special rates apply for these services. Call us or email us to learn more about all of our offerings.

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