3 Great Pets for Small Children

Taking care of a pet is a great way for children to learn about responsibility, planning, and dependability. Plus, most kids love the experience of attending to and raising an animal. Choosing the right pet for your child is very important, as some animals aren’t suitable for young children. If your little one is asking for a pet this holiday season, consider adopting one of these three beginner-friendly pets.   

  • Fish. A fish is the perfect “starter” pet for kids. However, tropical fish and even goldfish can require more equipment and care. When it comes to small children, stick with a Siamese fighting fish (Betta fish). These fish are adept at surviving in isolation and stagnant water, which makes them easier to care for.
  • Reptiles. Reptiles can be a lifelong friend for children—many species of turtles even live to be over 50 years old! Reptiles can also be an excellent pet for children with allergies, as their lack of hair and fur makes them hypoallergenic. However, keep in mind that reptiles also have an increased risk of transmitting salmonella in small children. Be sure to supervise your little ones when you play with your new pet.
  • Dogs. A puppy is a classic childhood pet. However, younger dogs require more pet care in Gloucester County, NJ, than older dogs. Puppies need to be housebroken and require almost constant attention, which can be tough for young children to handle. Instead of buying a puppy, consider adopting an older, well-socialized dog. Golden retrievers, boxers, and beagles are all notoriously kid-friendly breeds.

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