5 Benefits of Neutering or Spaying Your Furry Companion

Are you a new pet owner? Maybe you’re thinking about adopting or buying a pet, and you’re wondering if you should have him or her neutered or spayed. One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a pet owner is having your furry companion spayed or neutered. Both spaying and neutering are veterinary procedures that remove either the ovaries or the testicles of your pet. Both procedures are safe and have benefits that you’ll soon discover. We here at Pooch Care Plus, a pet care service near Burlington County, NJ, would even like to offer five of the top reasons why it’s beneficial to spay or neuter your furry companion.

1. Spaying female pets helps them live longer and healthier lives.
Spaying helps reduce the likelihood of contracting uterine infections or breast cancer. Believe it or not, cancer is fatal in almost fifty percent of all dogs and up to ninety percent of all cats. Spaying a pet before her first heat will offer her the best protection against these problematic health issues.

2. Neutering male pets provides them with several health benefits.
Neutering your male companion helps prevent against testicular cancer. It also has other benefits such a preventing unwanted litters of puppies. Neutering is also a good way to keep your male pet companion free from testicular tumors or hernias.

3. Neutering your male dog will prevent him from roaming.
Intact male dogs are prone to roaming, and sometimes this can pose problems for both the pet and the pet owner. Intact males will roam as far as they can to find a mate, and sometimes they will even dig under fences to get out. This, of course, increases his chances of running into the street which is never a good idea.

4. Neutered male pets are better behaved.
It’s no myth that neutered male pets are much more docile and much less likely to mark their territory by spraying potent-smelling urine all over your home. Male dogs who are not neutered tend to be more aggressive and are often more high-strung. This can often become a frustrating issue for the pet owners.

5. Neutered male pets are less likely to bite.
Research has proven that neutered male dogs are much less likely to bite. This is a benefit for any pet owner, and especially one who has children.

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