Why Scheduling Checkups for Your Furry Companions Are So Important

If you’re a pet owner, then you already know how much joy an animal brings to your life. Pets provide us with entertainment, emotional support and, of course, love. Research even shows that pets provide humans with both mental and physical health benefits. You owe it to your pet to ensure that he or she remains happy and healthy. By taking your furry companion for checkups, you ensure that good health is always part of the picture. Pooch Care Plus provides pet sitting and pet care services for all kinds of critters along with being advocates for pet checkups.

To maintain your pet’s ideal health, a routine checkup is important. A veterinarian will ask questions about your pet’s health. Some might include: What does your pet eat? Have you noticed any changes in your pet lately? What does your pet’s stool look like? At a pet checkup, your vet can get a good overall picture of how your pet companion is doing. You also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns that you might have with your cuddly companion. If you need a pet sitting service in the Philadelphia area or if you have questions about pet checkups, then contact Pooch Care Plus. We take pride in offering great tips and solutions for pet owners in the area.

Although a visit to the vet can be inconvenient or stressful, it’s still a good idea to go. Your vet will check your pet’s temperature and compare it to previous readings. They will also give your pet’s coat a good examination to check for parasites, such as fleas or ticks. A vet will also want to check your furry friend’s eyes, ears, teeth, and nose. Oftentimes, your vet will look for redness, swelling, or discharge which can indicate illness or infection. Your pet will also have his or her heart checked out, and a vaccine schedule might be discussed as well. At Pooch Care Plus, we specialize in providing excellent pet care service in the Philadelphia area. We know that people love their pets, which is why we think that frequent checkups are the best assurance for future health!


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