How Will My Dog Benefit From Doggy Daycare?

Planning on going out of town and can’t find anyone to watch your furry family member? Maybe you should consider doggy daycare. Leaving your dog is no fun; we all miss our pets when we are away. But this is a fun place where your pet can enjoy a relaxing time out while you are away. Many dogs enjoy staying at overnight locations, and yours could be too. However, you may be hesitant to say yes to this decision because you could wonder, is doggy daycare good for dogs? What are the benefits of doggy daycare? 

If you are worried about your dog and how doggy daycare could affect them, here are a few good reasons to help you make your decision.

Make Sure Your Dog Can Handle It 

It is important to remember that doggy daycare is not for every dog. Make sure you know your dog and understand how they act. If your pet is a rescue and has had past traumatic experiences with humans or other dogs, they could act aggressively towards a new caregiver or dogs they are unfamiliar with.

Making Friends

Most dogs love to socialize, and there is a good chance that your dog does too. One of the great benefits of doggy daycare is that they can be around other dogs. It is very healthy for a dog to be around other dogs. It can help increase their mood and even boost their energy levels. Social dogs are happier and more pleasant to be around than isolated dogs.

Improve Separation Anxiety 

Suppose you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety and has difficulty being away from you. Being in a new area that is comfortable and they feel safe can be a great experience for them. It can help improve their separation anxiety. However, if this is not an option and you feel as though your dog would be overwhelmed in this setting, many places, such as Pooch Care Plus, offer affordable pet sitting, so you can feel peace of mind knowing your dog is in their own home, safe and supervised. 

Exercise Whenever They Need 

Another of the great benefits of doggy daycare is that your dog can exercise all the time, whenever they want. Your home may not have the biggest place for your dog to run around. If this is so, then considering doggy daycare is a great idea. An active dog is a healthy dog, so while you are out of town or working, let your dog have the time of his life playing and staying strong. 

All Day Attention 

You don’t have to worry about your dog feeling lonely or sad because, at doggy daycare, they will receive all-day attention. The daycare staff always ensures every dog gets love and care, and no one feels left out. This is one of the great benefits of doggy daycare because not only will you be able to have peace of mind but so will your pet. 

Stay Groomed

Then consider this last point. If you are still wondering, is doggy daycare good for dogs? You know all those frustrating baths you have to give your dog or the drives to the pet store for grooming? Well, most daycare places also offer grooming services. So when your pup comes home to you, they will be in the best looking condition you could imagine and smell great too!

No matter what you decide, let Pooch Care Plus help you with all your dog care needs in Philadelphia. We offer many services, including dog walking and daycare! Contact us today and let us know how we can help! 

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