When Is It Too Hot to Walk My Dog?

Whether you own your own dog or enjoy pet sitting others’ fur babies, the temperature is on the rise, and you’re likely wondering if it is too hot to walk a dog. Summer sun combined with stifling humidity can be difficult not just for humans but for pets too and, in general, anytime the temperature is greater than 90℉, delay your dog’s walk until it’s cooler outside. It makes sense to be concerned about overheating your four-legged friend by walking him at the wrong time. So how do you know when it’s too hot to walk a dog?

The Seven-Second Rule

Because New Jersey summers can be scorching hot, the biggest roadblock to walking a pet in the heat is the temperature of the asphalt beneath his tender paws. Pet experts have devised an easy way for pet parents to determine if the pavement is too hot for a dog’s sensitive paws to handle. Simply rest your hand on the pavement and keep it there for seven seconds. If it becomes too hot to hold it in place for the full seven seconds, then it is too hot for your pooch.

Even if it seems mild outside, asphalt can quickly get hot enough to burn your dog’s paws. At 77℉, asphalt gets up to 125 degrees. At 87℉, asphalt temperatures rise to 143 degrees, which is hot enough to fry an egg within five minutes or cause burns to your dog.

Morning and Evening Walks are Best

When it comes to getting your dog the exercise it needs during hot weather, pet care experts recommend walking in the early morning shortly after sunrise or waiting until sunset. This assures cooler temps and no risk of burning your dog’s tender paws, so you can both enjoy your walk to the fullest.

Invest in Booties and Stay on the Grass

Some dogs do really well with special booties, and booties can be a great solution for walking your dog on hot days. These shoes provide a layer of protection against burns, and they’re super cute, so you can count on getting a few oohs and aahs from passersby when your dog shows up wearing them.

Stick to the grass as much as possible during your walk and, if your dog’s size permits, carry him across the pavement until you make it to your favorite park.

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