3 Reasons to Groom Your Pet

Everyone loves to see a well-groomed dog. But did you know that good grooming isn’t just about owning a pretty pet? Grooming is also good for helping to prevent health conditions, too.

At Pooch Care Plus, we offer dog grooming in Camden County for pet owners who want their cuddly companions to look great. We also provide dog day care services in Gloucester County. In all, our pet care company believes in providing the best services available, and we’ve got three reasons for you to make sure they get groomed!


If you own a cat or a dog, it’s important to brush out their fur at least once a week. Even short-haired cats need to have their coats brushed because doing so cuts down on hairballs which they would otherwise vomit or pass in their litter box.

Believe it or not, dogs can even get hairballs, too. A good brushing keeps their coats glossy, as well. There are a host of great brushes available for purchase, and you can always take your pet to a company like Pooch Care Plus for a good brushing.


It’s a good idea to check out your pet’s ears once a week. All you need to do is flip them over and take a sniff. It might sound weird, but inspecting and smelling their ears can detect potential health issues.

Your pets ears should have no smell. If they are inflamed or red in any area, if they have a lot of built-up wax, or if they have an offensive odor, then it’s best to consult your veterinarian. You might need a liquid ear cleaner that is specifically designed for pets. To use this, just fill your pet’s ear canal with the liquid, gently massage his ear, and then let your pet shake off the excess.


Most active dogs don’t need to have their nails trimmed. However, indoor dogs and almost all cats need to have their nails clipped on a regular basis. Dewclaws and long nails can grow into your pet’s toe pads and skin. This has the potential to cause both pain and infection. Trim your dog’s nails carefully, making sure that you don’t cut into the quick.

If you do accidentally snip the quick, you can apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding. If you’d rather trust the professionals with your pet’s nail clipping, then simply bring them into Pooch Care Plus.

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