Why You Need Waste Removal Services For Your Pets

There’s no doubt the amount of love you have for your furry friends and the lengths you’ll go for them. Still, in life, we know that there’s never enough time in the day and we have to get a million and one things done. A waste removal service is indeed a necessary service that every pet owner should take advantage of. When you use this service, you can safely and efficiently remove your pet’s doo from your property. As experts in pet care in Gloucester County, NJ, Pooch Care Plus knows exactly why our valued customers count on us for waste removal. Here’s why you should too.


Some days you might let your little guys free in your front or backyard and let them do their doo—and you say to yourself, “One time can’t hurt right?” You would be correct but this often turns in to more than a one-time thing, and after a couple of times, dog waste can become a real health concern for not only your pet, but you and your entire family. Dog waste can lead to a variety of diseases in your pet including tapeworms, Canine Parvovirus and Giardiasis. It is also proven to be an environmental pollutant and is characterized in the same as other toxic chemicals. This is harmful to your lawns and can cause burns and discoloring.

Save Time

One reason you may not clean up your pet’s waste is because you just simply don’t have the time. We get it. Likewise, you may pick up after your dog but that time can be spent doing something else. At Pooch Care Plus, we’re here to provide pet care as well as do the dirty work, so that you don’t have to.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Along with our dog walking service, your canine friends can also take a nice relaxing walk, or enjoy some fun in the park with other animals while we clean up after their bathroom breaks.

Pooch Care Plus provides waste removal as well as other pet care services in Burlington County, NJ, and surrounding communities. To learn more about everything that we do, just browse our site!