5 Benefits of Neutering or Spaying Your Furry Companion

Are you a new pet owner? Maybe you’re thinking about adopting or buying a pet, and you’re wondering if you should have him or her neutered or spayed. One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a pet owner is having your furry companion spayed or neutered. Both spaying and neutering are veterinary procedures that remove either the ovaries or the testicles of your pet. Both procedures are safe and have benefits that you’ll soon discover. We here at Pooch Care Plus, a pet care service near Burlington County, NJ, would even like to offer five of the top reasons why it’s beneficial to spay or neuter your furry companion.

1. Spaying female pets helps them live longer and healthier lives.
Spaying helps reduce the likelihood of contracting uterine infections or breast cancer. Believe it or not, cancer is fatal in almost fifty percent of all dogs and up to ninety percent of all cats. Spaying a pet before her first heat will offer her the best protection against these problematic health issues.

2. Neutering male pets provides them with several health benefits.
Neutering your male companion helps prevent against testicular cancer. It also has other benefits such a preventing unwanted litters of puppies. Neutering is also a good way to keep your male pet companion free from testicular tumors or hernias.

3. Neutering your male dog will prevent him from roaming.
Intact male dogs are prone to roaming, and sometimes this can pose problems for both the pet and the pet owner. Intact males will roam as far as they can to find a mate, and sometimes they will even dig under fences to get out. This, of course, increases his chances of running into the street which is never a good idea.

4. Neutered male pets are better behaved.
It’s no myth that neutered male pets are much more docile and much less likely to mark their territory by spraying potent-smelling urine all over your home. Male dogs who are not neutered tend to be more aggressive and are often more high-strung. This can often become a frustrating issue for the pet owners.

5. Neutered male pets are less likely to bite.
Research has proven that neutered male dogs are much less likely to bite. This is a benefit for any pet owner, and especially one who has children.

If you’re looking for a reliable pet care company located in Camden, NJ, then trust Pooch Care Plus for all your pet-related needs!

5 Tips to Help You Start Training Your Puppy Right

So you’re ready to welcome a brown-eyed, tail-wagging furball to your family, but you’re unsure of how to plan? Making the decision to get a puppy can be exciting, especially if you have young children. But don’t be misled. Having an animal requires a lot of work and just as much attention. Here at Pooch Care Plus, we love dogs, and it shows. We work hard to make sure that our potential dog-owners understand what it takes to handle a brand new puppy. We’d like to offer our top five tips to help you start training your puppy the right way.

  1. Exude the alpha role.

Puppies have an innate desire to follow whoever the pack-leader is.  By definition, a pack-leader is consistent and strong. For many new puppy owners, this is something that is often not explained appropriately, and it is the primary reason why training goes awry. It’s important for your puppy to know that you are the alpha in the family. You need to exude confidence and control, or your puppy will exhibit bad behaviors such as leash-pulling and chewing. At Pooch Care Plus, we can help you build up that confidence that is necessary to be a proud puppy owner.

  1. Find a veterinarian you trust.

One of the best steps you can take as a new puppy owner is to do your research on veterinarians in your area. You’ll want to choose someone who is knowledgeable and who you can trust. A good veterinarian can help you choose the best puppy food for your new addition and can also assist you with scheduling routine visits for recommended check-ups. At Pooch Care Plus, we can help you find veterinarian options and explain topics like heartworm, fleas, and ticks. We can even go over dog care options if you need them. For puppy owners in urban areas looking for pet care in Salem County, NJ, Pooch Care Plus is always ready to offer assistance.

  1. Get a housebreaking plan in place.

Nobody wants to have their carpets soiled by a new puppy, but it happens. You can minimize the likelihood and the frequency by establishing a firm housebreaking plan as soon as you bring your puppy through the door. You’ll want to make sure that your puppy has a small area outside to go to the bathroom.  If you don’t have a huge yard, you can still find a small area where your puppy can feel safe and comfortable eliminating. Praise your puppy with a small treat or a simple phrase.

  1. Select a walking schedule.

Exercise is important for your new puppy, and creating a consistent walking schedule is good for him or her. You can find little chunks in the day if mornings don’t work for you, or even small stretches of night time. If you need someone to help give your pooch time outside, then let Pooch Care Plus handle it. We even offer pet care in Camden County, NJ for interested pet owners. Our dog day care service is the perfect way to ensure that your budy gets the exercise that he or she requires.

  1. Establish house rules.

In the beginning it can be a little confusing when you try to establish house rules, but you’ll thank yourself later for setting clear and concise boundaries.  If you’ve brought home a Malamute puppy and you don’t mind him jumping up on the couch to watch television with you, be prepared for that same dog to sidle up next to you when he’s over a hundred pounds, as well.

No matter what stage of life your dog is in, we’re here to help give them the care they need. Give us a call today.

In-Home Pet Sitting Vs. Pet Boarding: What’s Better for my Pet?

At Pooch Care Plus, our elite team of animal lovers has over 20 years of experience handling an assortment of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, and birds. When you can’t be there for your pet, trust Pooch Care Plus will give them the love and attention they need. From pet sitting in Philadelphia to doggie day care in Gloucester County, NJ, we do it all.

Pet owners want the best fort their beloved pets if they do happen to go out of town, are on vacation, or are away from their homes for an extended period. This is where the question arises: Do I want to board little Lucy or hire an in-home pet sitter for her? While there is no simple answer to this, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of each to better help you decide what’s right for your situation and your pet.

In-Home Pet Sitting

There are typically two types of pet sitters

  • Sitters that stop by to feed, walk, and spend time with pets
  • And sitters that live in the house, so the animal(s) have constant companionship

Both types have their pros and cons, which we will discuss below.


The biggest advantage of in-home pet sitting is that the pet does not have to leave its comfort bubble, which is the home. It can be extremely stressful for animals when their owners are away and can be even worse if they are shipped to an unknown location for boarding. In-home pet sitting may also be monetarily beneficial, considering all of the pets supplies (food, toys, treats, etc.) are readily available in the home.



Make sure when hiring an in-home pet sitter that he or she is from a reputable and trustworthy company. This is probably the number one concern for all people leaving their pets and homes vulnerable to a stranger. Do your research, and this concern will soon be mitigated.


Pet Boarding

Boarding has come a long way from the days pets hung out in concrete kennels with little to no interaction with people or other animals. Pet hotels are now the norm, offering amenities like dog TV and a ton of fun activities!


Pet boarding has now turned into luxurious pet hotel stays where dogs, or cats, can enjoy a day at the doggie pool, run around in a big yard for hours on end, and retire to a comfy plush bed at night. They will have around the clock care and companionship, whereas with pet sitting they might be left alone for extended periods of time.


Boarding sounds fantastic until you get the bill at the end. All of these amenities will add up, but for some, the cost is worth the happiness for their pets. Also, plucking animals out of their comfort zones is sometimes traumatic and stressful causing them to lose weight and become withdrawn.

For reliable and trustworthy pet care in Camden County, NJ, and the surrounding areas, you can count on Pooch Care Plus. Please browse our website to learn about all the different services we offer!

3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Walk Your Dog

If you are a dog owner, then you probably know that your dog needs to be regularly walked . While letting Rover run around in the backyard can be helpful, it’s not a substitute for a proper walk. If you don’t have time during the day, we provide affordable pet care in Burlington County, NJ. Not only is walking your dog a great way for the two of you to form a bond, but it has many other benefits for your pooch’s well-being.

  1. A walk provides physical exercise. Just like their human companions, dogs can become overweight if they’re living the couch potato life. And going for a short walk just to give your dog a chance to relieve himself isn’t enough exercise, either. Help avoid health problems brought on by obesity by getting in a good long walk several times a week. Plus, it can be healthy exercise for you, too!
  2. Walking provides mental stimulation. A dog who sits around your house all day is going to be bored. While cats can amuse themselves with watching birds out the window, chasing a few toys around, and sleeping for the better part of the day, dogs are not so easily entertained. They crave the kind of stimulation that can only be found by walking around outside and physically exploring their territory. All of the sights, sounds, and smells will engage your dog’s brain and keep him from becoming bored. (And trust us — you don’t want a bored dog in your house.)
  3. It teaches them how to interact with properly with people. Ideally, you should start training your puppy to walk outside as soon as his immune system is healthy enough. However, even if you’ve adopted an older dog, it’s never too late to start teaching him the proper way to walk. Ideally, your dog should be walking at your side or slightly behind you. For dogs, social hierarchy is very important, and if you want your dog to follow your lead, then you need to show him that you are the alpha dog.

Busy pet owners who don’t always have time to walk their dogs can rely on Pooch Care Plus for reliable pet care in Camden County, NJ. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Keep Your Furry Friends Safe This Winter

Many people don’t enjoy the colder months in the year (Why else would your parents have plans to move down to Florida when they retire?). Animals may share a similar sentiment, especially those who are not adapted to frigid climates. While a husky might not mind a romp in the snow, your chihuahua will likely not be a happy camper in freezing temperatures. In fact, winter weather can be dangerous for many pets.

At Pooch Care Plus, we are not only known for our super pet care in the Salem County, NJ region, but also for educating pet owners on how to keep their furry friends protected. Here are some important safety tips to keep your pets happy and healthy throughout the season.

  • Keep pets indoors as much as possible. While you’ll still need to take your pooch outside to use the bathroom, you should try and limit their exposure to the elements. If they’re used to going outside often, they might complain, but ultimately they will be safer and warmer inside.
  • If you’re bundling up to go outside, then so should your dog. Many breeds do not have warm enough fur to be outside when the weather hits 30 degrees. Consider getting your dog a sweater or coat that covers both his back and belly and all the way down to the base of his tail, especially if he’s a short-haired breed. It’s also important not to trim down your pet’s fur coat to the skin, as the extra fur will help them stay warm.
  • Take care of your pet’s skin. Just like you, your pet’s skin is more prone to drying out because of the heat running in your home. Try using a humidifier to increase moisture in the air (it will help you, too). Make sure you dry off your pet after coming inside from the snow or rain. Be extra careful drying his feet and between the toes, where little balls of snow can get stuck.
  • Don’t forget the paws! You can apply petroleum jelly or another protectant onto your pup’s feet to help protect them from salt and chemicals. You can also purchase booties to cover their feet, which helps keep them warm, as well as preventing the salt from getting stuck to their fur and between their toes.

Remember to take care of your furry companions this winter to keep them safe and healthy. And if you need an extra hand with pet care in Burlington County, NJ, contact the pros at Pooch Care Plus by calling 856-433-1956.

Why You Should Hire a Pet Sitter During Your Holiday Vacation

The holidays are a time when many families travel to reunite with loved ones across the country.  However, having a pet can make planning for travel difficult. Long journeys, whether by car or plane, can be very stressful for an animal. Not only that, but you need to ensure that once you arrive, your four-legged friend has a place to stay, whether at a hotel or a relative’s house. The alternative, of course, is to leave your pet at home, but how can you ensure that they will be cared for properly? Luckily, Pooch Care Plus offers premier pet care in Salem County, NJ, and many surrounding areas.

Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter

  • Personalized Attention – Our sitters always make sure that they understand exactly what your pet wants and needs. From the big things like making sure they get the proper amount of food, water, and exercise, to the smaller things like what your dog’s favorite toy is, we make sure we understand your pet’s unique situation before you leave.
  • Convenience – Pet sitters will come directly to your home, so there’s no need to try and find a place to board your dog or cat for the time that you’re away. Plus, many animals experience anxiety when placed in an unfamiliar environment. You can eliminate that stress for them by allowing them to stay exactly the place where they are most comfortable.
  • Modern Technology – You might be asking yourself, “how would technology play a role in pet sitting?” During the time you’re away, we can offer you updates via text and email — even video messages — so that you can be confident that your pet is just as happy and healthy as when you left.
  • Affordable – From rates as low as $15 a day for cats and small animals and $30 a day for dogs, you can make sure that your cuddly companion is well-cared for the duration of your trip, without spending a fortune.

As you’re planning your holiday vacation, don’t forget to plan your little buddy’s “staycation,” too!  Pooch Care Plus will give you the best pet care in Gloucester County, NJ, South Jersey, and the Greater Philadelphia area. We are fully bonded and insured, so you can trust that your precious pooch or furry feline will be safe with us. Call us today at 856-433-1956 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Paw Care is Essential for Any Dog’s Well Being – Here’s Why

It is now fall, and as the weather changes, you tend to bring more debris from your shoes into your home.  Our shoes and socks protect our feet from infection, but for dogs, cats, and other animals there is no comforting, protective layer between their feet and the ground.  This means that their feet are in constant contact with the floor, the ground, and any indoor or outdoor elements.  This constant contact can cause bacterial infections that can lead to a decline in the overall health of the dog.  


The people at Pooch Care Plus care about the health of your dog and would like you to know some ways that you can assure your dog stays happy, healthy and wagging.  


Keep Nails Trimmed

Not only do you protect yourself from your pooch’s long, sharp talons, but sometimes the

nails can actually get too long and curve under into the dog’s pad.  They can also break,

which provides a perfect opening for bacteria.  This is why it is important to make sure that Getting your dog’s nails trimmed is a part of your routine.


Wipe Down Feet

Not only does this protect your dog from allergies, but wiping down your dog’s feet off with

Baby wipes after being outside reduces the accumulation of bacteria and debris that can infect your pooch. This risk of infection can increase if your dog has an open wound or open nail bed.


Don’t Overdo Walks

This is especially important for those baby pooches or puppies that have sensitive pads. Too much walking on asphalt or another type of rough terrain can rub the pads raw and/or Cause cuts which allows bacteria to seep in.


Groom the Paws

Lastly, and sometimes the most overlooked part, is grooming the feet.  Long hair on a pooch can be a hazard for a dog.  If a dog has long hair between its toes, this hair can promote moisture, which can break down the skin.  This breakdown can open up spots for bacteria and debris to linger and cause infections.  


By making sure these few, easy steps are routinely taken care of for the pooch then you will ensure your dog’s optimal health and allow your dog more time for playing, wagging, barking and cuddling.


For more assistance with grooming needs, contact us at your convenience.  Pooch Care Plus offers dog care, pet sitting, waste removal, and emergency services across South Jersey. They have been in business for over two decades. For more information, contact us, or call 856-433-1956.


6 Fun Facts About Cats & Dogs

Do all dogs go to heaven?

Do all cats have nine lives?

These questions we cannot answer with certainty. Pooch Care Plus prefers sticking to the facts; the fun facts!

In this edition of Pooch Care Posts, we’ll discuss six #FunFacts about cats and dogs…


(Image Source)

Fun Fact #1 – All kittens have blue eyes at birth. That’s right. After right around the two-week mark, their eye color begins to change once they open their eyes.

Fun Fact #2 – Dogs are not color blind. This is a common misnomer. While dogs have worse vision than humans, they do not live in grayscale like many people once believed.

Fun Fact #3 – Cats are lactose intolerant. Although cats are often associated with slurping a bowl of delicious milk, giving a cat milk after kitten-hood often leads to an upset stomach and or other ugly side effects.

Fun Fact #4 – Domestic cats sleep about 67% of the day. Kinda like Garfield (but way less lasagna). Sixteen hours is the average amount of beauty rest required by household felines.

Fun Fact #5 – Cats and dogs have allergies just like us. Studies have shown that smoke, dust, and pollen are among the allergens that leave our furry friends inflamed. Some dogs are even prescribed medications such as Benedryl to deal with severe symptoms.

Fun Fact #6 – A group of kittens is considered a kindle, and a group of cats is classified as a clowder or a pounce. A group of young puppies is considered a litter, while a dog group is commonly known as a pack.


(Image Source)


Now for some fun facts about us. Did you know that Pooch Care Plus offers dog care, pet sitting, waste removal, and emergency services across South Jersey? That’s right! We have over two decades (that 140 dog years) of animal care experience.

Do you have more fun facts or photos of your furry friends to share with us? We look forward to it. We will even choose a few of our favorites to include in this monthly blog.

To get in touch with us, visit http://poochcareplus.com/contact-us/ or call 856-433-1956. Talk to you soon…