Is It Safe for My Dog to Go to Daycare?

From feeding them, letting them go outside, and making sure they don’t cause mischief, owning a pet is a rewarding yet time-consuming endeavor. However, there are some times in your life when you won’t be able to look after your dog for a long duration of time, whether it’s for a business trip or a family vacation.

During such scenarios, many turn to dog daycares to look after their pets while they are away. However, some may wonder how safe the daycare facility will be for their beloved canine; will my dog be okay in the hands of others and around other pets away from their owners? That answer can change based on the quality of a particular facility, so here’s everything you should learn about safety at dog daycares before leaving your dog in the care of another.

What to Search for When Choosing a Dog Daycare

Prior to bringing your dog to a daycare, you must always do your research. It’s sometimes challenging to determine which facility offers the best dog daycare safety for your pet, or if they’re able to offer quality care at all. One option you can take is to read reviews and testimonials of a particular facility online to learn more about the experiences that others had with the staff. Alternatively, you can contact a facility directly and ask them questions, such as the services they offer and how they take care of your pet.

There are many qualities to look out for during your search, with an essential one being the qualifications of the staff working there. Trained staff members are highly experienced and capable of responding to emergencies effectively, such as knowing what to do if a dog is experiencing separation anxiety and how to break up fights. Further, some staff may be experienced in first aid should a medical emergency arise. Whether or not the employees have the necessary experience is crucial for dog daycare safety.

Interactions With Other Dogs Can Influence Dog Daycare Safety

A major component of dog daycare safety pertains to not the staff or daycare itself but the interactions with other dogs your pet has. Many doggy daycare facilities offer supervised playtime to ensure that nothing goes wrong, such as a fight breaking out. However, even if playtime is sufficiently supervised, that does not guarantee your pet will have a good experience. 

Not every dog enjoys socializing with other dogs, whether due to fear or unfamiliarity with a new environment and people. Additionally, some dogs may have an aggressive temperament and may not fare well around other pets to begin with, or if you aren’t present. As a result, dog daycare safety may not be impacted by the facility but by your pet’s own personality and nature.

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