How Often Should You Bathe a Dog?

Keeping your dog clean and healthy is an essential responsibility for pet owners, but bathing a dog too much can be a detriment to their skin and coat by rinsing away vital natural oils, which can make them dry and irritated. To ensure you aren’t bathing your dog too much or too little, here are 5 vital details to consider when planning out their bath schedule.

Breed and Coat

One of the most crucial factors in determining how frequently you should start bathing a dog is its breed. Different dog species have varying types of fur coats, which influence how often they need cleaning. Longer dog coats need bathing every other week to every four weeks, as their natural oils are needed to help insulate their fur. Hairless dogs, such as the Chinese Crested, require weekly baths to prevent oil buildup on their skin. Consult a professional to learn which wash schedule works best for your dog’s breed.

Routine Bathing

While a specific breed can influence the time you set aside for washing your dog, all canines will need to have bath time eventually. Even if they aren’t particularly active, dogs will still collect dirt and debris in their fur over time that needs to be cleaned at some point. Outside of baths, it’s vital to maintain your dog’s condition throughout the year with grooming and dental care. To learn more about dog grooming in Philadelphia, head to Pooch Care Plus to see the services we can offer you and your dog.

Activity and Lifestyle

Something else that will make bathing a dog more common in your household is how often they exercise. Athletic dogs that swim through water and run in puddles of mud will become dirty more frequently than others. Cleaning them with warm water will not only help wash off any dirt, but help maintain their odor from becoming too out of control. Dogs that tend to roll around in strange or smelly things on their walks will also need washes to get rid of the scent, even if they aren’t very athletic. Washing your dog can help ensure they don’t bring that bad smell home with them!

Skin Condition and Health

You may find yourself washing your dog more frequently if they have an underlying skin condition or allergy, as it will help relieve them of their symptoms and itching. Depending on what specific condition they have, they will need around one bath a week based on what your veterinarian suggests. Dogs that need routine bathing due to a skin condition will likely need a specified dog shampoo to treat their condition, so contact your vet to see what product they recommend. Additionally, baths can help keep fleas or other bugs off of them, though they should still seek treatment.

Time of Year

Pet owners may need to start bathing a dog more often depending on the time of year. In wintertime, more baths can be helpful for reducing dryness and itching. Another season that dogs will want to bathe more is in the spring when their fur sheds. While brushing your dog can help remove their shedded fur, water pressure during bath time can also facilitate the process.

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