Fascinating Facts About Cats

With an estimated 500+ million domestic cats in the world, it’s safe to say felines are a popular pet. These cute, cuddly furry friends have hitched their wagons to humans for over 10,000 years, paying us back for our tender loving care by catching mice and eliminating threats such as insects and snakes. Still, there’s more than meets the eye to these mysterious creatures, and they’re just as interesting as they are adorable.

Cats Spend Lots of Time Sleeping and Grooming

We call brief periods of sleep cat naps for a reason — naps seem to be cats’ favorite activity! In fact, cats spend up to 70% of their time snoozing, which amounts to between 13 and 16 hours per day. When they aren’t sleeping, cats often fill the rest of that time with grooming, which serves the practical purpose of subduing their natural scent to aid in warding off predators and make them more stealthy when hunting. This low-key lifestyle makes cats a great pet for those with busy lifestyles and typically makes it simple to find pet sitting services when you need to be away for extended periods.

Cats Have Receptors for Catnip, But Many Don’t Like It

Catnip contains several compounds, including nepetalactone, that cats can detect easily with receptors in their mouths and noses. When cats love catnip, they typically sniff it, rub it into their fur and even roll around in it, but many cats don’t like catnip despite having receptors for it. While scientists aren’t sure why all felines don’t respond the same, they do know that response to catnip is hereditary, and if both parents enjoy catnip, their offspring have a 75% chance of enjoying it, too.

Cats Are Good Pets But Great Hunters

We think of cats as sweet little companions for the most part, but even the humble domestic house cat has the potential to be an amazing hunter. Even a run-of-the-mill tabby can reach speeds of up to 30 mph and jump up to five times their own height, and this is no surprise once you realize that house cats share over 95% of their genetics with tigers. Our tames beasties also share the same desire and techniques for marking territory with scent, stalking prey, and pouncing on targets.

Cats are typically more independent pets than dogs, but when you’re away from home, they still need someone to watch out for them and see to their needs. If you require pet care in Camden County, NJ, consider Pooch Care Plus, no matter the furry friends in your household.

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