Why You Should Adopt a Dog or Cat

Whether you’re already a pet owner or looking for a new furry friend, consider adopting a pet instead of purchasing one from a pet store. There are many advantages to pet adoption. In our travels to owners’ homes for pet sitting, we’ve spoken with so many people who either wished they chose adoption or can’t stop talking about how great their adoption experience was.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new pet to add to your family, we urge you to consider adoption. Let’s discuss the top four benefits of pet adoption.

You Can Save a Life

Many pet adoption centers are no-kill, which means they’ll shelter a pet until adoption. But some have a limit as to how long they can keep a pet sheltered, after which time the dog or cat will be euthanized. By choosing to adopt a pet, you literally save its life.

It Costs Less to Adopt

When purchasing a dog or cat from a pet store, you will likely incur medical and wellness costs along with the price of your new pet. Adopting a pet is much more cost-effective as the facility’s goal is to simply find the pet a new, loving home and not to make a profit. Adoption fees are typically much lower than the purchase price of a pet from a pet store.

Your New Pet is Medically Stable

You never quite know the medical condition of a purchased pet until you take them to their veterinarian. Through pet adoption, you can be assured that your new dog or cat has received medical care, vaccinations, and is already on the best diet for their health needs. If there are health issues, they are disclosed before you adopt so you can decide if you’re able to tend to your dog or cat’s unique needs.

You Help Future Generations of Dogs and Cats

Anyone who has been to an adoption facility knows that the need far outweighs the resources. Through adoption, you’re supporting an organization dedicated to keeping dogs and cats in caring homes and off the streets. Any fees you pay to adopt your pet will be used to care for generations of dogs and cats that need help in the future.

Let Us Help Care for Your New Pet

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