4 Tips for Helping Your Dog Stay Active in the Winter

The temperatures have fallen, holiday displays are up, and snow is in the forecast. As the winter season approaches, you might see your usually-lively dog  spend more time pacing or lying next to your heater. It can be hard to ensure that your pet gets enough exercise when it’s freezing cold out. Use these four tips to keep your pet active this winter!

  • Bring sweaters for walks. Many canines weren’t bred in cold climates. This can make walking outside in the snow difficult. Dress your dog in booties and a sweater before you go for a walk in the snow. Bring along a change of clothing for your pet if you’re going for a long walk and swap it out if it gets wet.
  • Make it harder to find food and treats. You can also help stimulate your pet by making them work for food or treats. Hide treats inside a puzzle chew toy instead of simply handing them to your pet. These toys stimulate your dog’s critical thinking skills and help them burn calories indoors.
  • Know the symptoms of canine hypothermia. Dogs can suffer from hypothermia just like humans! If you take your dog out for a walk in the cold, keep your eyes open for the first signs of hypothermia. If you notice your pet shaking, see that they keep excessively stopping for breaks to sit down, or are stumbling instead of walking in a straight line, bring them inside immediately.
  • Be sure to schedule comprehensive pet care before holiday travel. Are you planning on traveling for the holidays this year? If you are, schedule your pet care in Camden County, NJ, with a proactive company like Pooch Care Plus. Pooch Care Plus offers pet sitting services that include daily play and exercise—so you can be sure that your pet is remaining active while you’re away.

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