3 Tips For Your Puppy’s Healthy Diet

While adopting or fostering your first puppy can be very exciting, it can also be nerve-wracking for someone who has never done so before. Day-to-day tasks like feeding the puppy and getting daily exercise can feel overwhelming to first-time dog owners. At Pooch Care Plus, we are constantly teaching new pet owners the tools of the trade. As the top choice for pet care in Gloucester County, NJ, customers have turned to us for advice for over 20 years.

When approached about the best way to feed a dog, here are three tips:

No Need To Slowly Switch Foods

We recommend introducing your puppy to many different types of food. Feeding your dog different meals every now and then will help you avoid the need to switch to other foods slowly. Many dog food brands suggest gradually switching to new foods, but a puppy that develops a diet that features different meals will have no issue switching to new foods.

Choose The Right Food

It’s important to pick the right food for your pup. While it’s good to incorporate different food for your dog, don’t add any kind of food that doesn’t fit with what your dog currently eats. Just because one is similar to another, it doesn’t mean the amount of protein or fat is the same. One of the easiest ways for your dog to gain weight quickly is to not pay attention to the nutritional value of the food you’re buying.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Feed Your Dog The RIGHT Fresh Food

Sometimes it can be hard to resist those puppy dog eyes as you’re just trying to enjoy your own dinner. As long as you’re eating something that dogs can eat, you can give your furry friend a piece or two of fresh food every now and then. Don’t let table food become a routine thing with your dog, or you will start to see the pounds pile up quickly.

From advice to new pet owners to dog care and pet sitting, we here at Pooch Care Plus have just what you need to have a happy, healthy puppy. Give us a call today for pet care in Camden County, NJ. We can be reached over the phone at 856-433-1956.

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