3 Benefits of Taking Your Dog For A Walk

As a dog owner, you know the excitement you dog feels when you get the leash out to take your furry friend for a walk. The pure joy some dogs get just when they hear the word “walk” can be incredibly delightful to see. While letting the dog out back to run around can be helpful, we all know it’s no substitute for a proper walk.

Everybody has busy schedules and finding the time to take your dog for a walk can be a struggle. Here at Pooch Care Plus, we provide low-cost pet care in Salem County, NJ. There are many great benefits of you and your dog going for daily walks. Check some of our favorite below.

  1. Going for a walk provides physical exercise. Dogs, just like humans, can become overweight if they don’t use a portion of their time dedicated to some form of physical activity. A short walk with your dog around the block is not going to provide the necessary exercise your dog needs either. The best way to help avoid health problems caused by obesity is by long walks several times throughout the week. Plus, it’s good exercise for you too.
  2. Walking is mentally stimulating. If your dog sits around the house all day, it’s going to be bored. Even though cats have no problem amusing themselves by simply watching the birds outdoors, dogs require a little more work to be entertained. Dogs love the mental stimulation that comes with going out for a walk. They then get to explore their home turf, checking out all the different smells, sights, and sounds of it all.
  3. It teaches your dog how to interact with people. You should have hopefully begun training your pup to walk outside just after their immune system becoming healthy enough. But in the cases of dog adoption, some older dogs need training, but it’s never too late. Always remember to prove to your dog that you’re the alpha. Having them walk at your side or just behind you is an important in showing the social hierarchy that dogs follow.

If you are getting ready for a summer vacation and have nobody lined up to walk your dogs during this time, call Pooch Care Plus for reliable pet care in Burlington County, NJ.

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